I was so happy to see people actually "listened" today and took a rest day!
We've had some tough WOD's, some tough weeks...and one tough day yesterday.
Anyone who has ever done "Linda" knows that when they say Linda is the Three Bars of Death they are not kidding.

But of course CrossFit brings out the crazy ones and yesterday proved it.
Some of the night gang actually got up and drove themselves to the gym at 5:45 in the morning just to do "Linda"
Shane, Heather, (morning and night grew)John and Jessica got up early knowing the night class was being replaced by a guest yoga instructor so if they wanted to participate they needed to get up early and they did.

We're still not sure if they're intention was the WOD, to spy or to make sure there was really a guy named "Tim".
Congratulations to these guys for making it in for the morning class AND coming back for the Yoga instructions. That's dedication.

So when I say I was pleased to see almost everyone take a day off.... I was thrilled.
We're learning. We're learning that REST is all apart of the plan, its all about the healing and the growing and the strength building. We are becoming stronger and healthier.

14 People in all were at the Yoga Class and it was great. I did realize though that God did not create me to be quiet. I had to refrain from talking, laughing, commenting and farting. I like the stretching...... but I love my CrossFit.... yelling, screaming, laughing, commenting, running, jumping..... flying.

We will be having one more night of Yoga. Next Wednesday night Irene will be back.... please join us, take advantage of this service, it is all for your benefit.

NOW, today was short and sweet with ALOT more stretching. Glad to see Peter back after a couple days off and special Kudos to Dana for working so hard, being so consistant and really giving it her all. Keep up the good work Dana you're hard work is paying off.


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