I have big news and a big favor to ask CrossFit Beyond members, friends and family.

September 10

We are partnering with our neighbors The Barrel Saloon for the 1st Annual Barrel Run
Owners, Chris Pratt is having a huge block party.
They will be blocking off the street between him and CrossFit Beyond and they have a permit to use the city park next to us for two bands, food, mechanical bull rides, vendors and more. They have asked us to open up the event and space to our place!!!!

CrossFit Beyond will be doing 3-4 events.
Tire Flips
Keg Presses
water jug runs
and sled pulls

I need help and I need action in and around the gym.

I am short my biggest helper - Stacey - she will be at another CrossFit Beyond Event till 4:30. CDPHP has hired CrossFit Beyond to hold demos with them at the Kids Expo, Crossgates Mall on that same day.

TWO HUGE EVENTS for CrossFit Beyond. Volunteers needed at either location.

FREE t-shirt and FOOD for all volunteers!!

Please.... mark your calendar.... This is going to be an awesome event for all.