September Challenge

Well the September Challenge ended today and I think we had 50% success.
"Most" people said they "tried" to keep to their promise. Several people had what I would say a very successful month.
Heather: Baked a semi-healthy carb and made a big meal on Sunday every week that she could eat throughout the week. She cut out diet pepsi and all soda 100%. Made it to the gym for 20 wods (plus two runs on my own when she couldn't get there)
Scott: Gave up smoking and drinking!!
Stephanie: Did Paleo and lost 3 pounds in less than two weeks. NICE.
Those are just three AWESOME success stories!
Congrats to those doing the Coaches Challenge, everyone did a valiant effort on pullups and dips.

Today was a great ending to the week. A Partner WOD. Partner WOD are great interval training WODs. Just enough time to get rest and get ready to HIT it again. The only problem with Partner WODs is that you HAVE TO COME IN PAIRS. Your trainer can not keep filling in for absentee athletes. TWICE TODAY!

Then we had a little fun after the WOD... one of my favorite.... Rope Climbs! Nice job to John and Jess for making the 14' ascent with ease. We will be seeing more rope climbing soon.