Spotlight Athlete-Amy!!

This week's spotlight athlete is Amy! She attends classes at all different times! You might catch her early at a 6am class or later in the afternoon at a 4pm class. Read on to learn more about Amy's story!



When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?

I joined Crossfit Beyond in February 2013. I was on winter recess from my job so a friend and I decided to try out a noon class as drop-ins. I fell in love instantly and joined the next day.
What fitness activities were you doing before?

Before joining CrossFit Beyond I had lost 100lbs, through counting calories and exercising regularly. I started out with plain old walking. Throughout my weight loss journey I found a new love and appreciation of health and fitness. I no longer wanted to only lose weight but to get healthy and be fit too. I trained with kettle bells a couple of times a week. I took boot camp classes through my job, did some lifting/circuit training at a local gym and ran outdoors. I am not a fast runner but I like to do it and go longer distances. Running is the main reason I joined. I wanted to become a stronger runner and thought cross training was the best way to achieve it. Funny, I now enjoy doing CrossFit much more than running.

What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?

Since joining CrossFit Beyond I've not lost very much weight but definitely inches. My muscles are definitely more developed. I now have traps. Lol. I've made significant progress in all of my Olympic lifts. I've gone from a 45# dead lift to a 230#, 5rep max. Hopefully getting close to joining that 300# club. It took me at least 6 months to master a box jump on a wooden box but I can do them. Since joining I feel so much more energy and strength. I relieve stress and find happiness in doing CrossFit.

What do you like most about CF?

The support and encouragement I receive from the coaches and fellow athletes. They motivate me to keep pushing myself forward. I've learned a ton from the awesome coaching staff at CFB. Thank you all for being so patient with me in the beginning stages when I couldn't even clean a bar correctly. I enjoyed celebrating my 35th birthday with the CrossFit Beyond family this past October as we completed the Urban Raid over Albany 5k/obstacle race together.

What is your favorite CF exercise?

Anything to do with kettle bells! Swings, squats, presses and even Turkish get ups. They make me feel really strong after. Before CrossFit I struggled through workouts with a 25# kettle bell, now I use the 45 and 55# kettle bells depending on the WOD and movement.

Your least favorite?

Burpees, box-jumps, pull-ups.

What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

"A" handstand hold. (With minimal assistance) lol

What CF goal are you working towards?

Pull-ups, no bands!!!! I am determined to get them before summer. Handstand push-ups, double unders, squat cleans and overall improvements in all of my CrossFit movements and exercises.