Spotlight Athlete- Andres!

488283_3621276938060_1613604240_nWhen/why did you start CrossFit? -I started crossfit last summer. I moved in to Albany because of work and it happened to be that the box is  just two blocks away from where I'm living. One day I decided to pass by and met Joey and Mark, they were remodeling the gym. Next day I went for my first class. I cant really remember what the WOD was, but I can remember it was a really short one.541327_3757706428712_1384513982_n
Favortites: My favorite WOD's are those that will take me a long time to finish and that combine heavyweights and cardio (Running, box jumps, burpees)
-My favorite movement now are handstands and muscle ups.
-Least Favorites: My least favorite thing to do in the gym is ROWING, I just don't like it!
Random Facts!
-I love dancing, especially SALSA!
-I have a list with the things I want to do before I die, and I try to scratch off one thing at least every month. The last thing I scratched off was to drive an airplane, next is to go to a shooting range. So far nothing beats SKYDIVING! best experience ever (Highly recommended).
-The hardest thing for me to do training wise is keep a healthy regimen with food, I try to eat healthy all the time but sometimes I will get the most random cravings and is just impossible for me to control them. I feel like i gotta eat what my body is asking for.