Spotlight Athlete-Anthony!

This week's spotlight athlete is Anthony Loguidice! He has been at CrossFit Beyond for just about a year! Happy Anniversary! Read more about him below:


When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?

Oh cool this must be how Actors feel like during one of those press junkets.  Let me see if I can make this witty and entertaining.  I started CrossFit in New York City briefly back in 2006 just to help me for some training I had to do for work but it was only for a few months.  I didn’t really excel at any of the movements in that time period and I had to stop shortly after joining.  However I recently joined Crossfit Beyond July 9th of last year ( my big one year anniversary is coming up next week).  I was a member at Planet Fitness for 2 years when I moved to Albany and I would walk around the gym for 2 hours and not even work up a sweat sometimes. I think it had to do with the annoying purple and yellow painted everywhere and the fact that I wanted to break every one of their stupid rules.  Sometimes I would do things to make that alarm sound, then I would look at the person next to me really quick like it was their fault.   So one day I decided I needed to go somewhere where I could punish myself on a daily basis.  I found CF Beyond and I haven’t looked back since.

What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?  

I’m doing more pull-ups and heavier weights for some of the lifts then I’ve ever been able to do in the past.  I can already see huge PR’s in some of the benchmark WOD’s now from when I first attempted them.  

What is your favorite CF exercise?

I have to say I get really excited when I see WOD’s that involve power cleans. It took me awhile to figure them out but now I love them.  Also pull-ups are pretty fun to do now that I don’t look like a dying seal anymore while kipping.

Your least favorite?

Hmmm where do I start? I might need an extra section to write them all down lol.  I’m sure it’s no secret that I have a real hatred for overhead squats but running is a real close second.  I’m usually not a big fan of getting underneath and catching the bar low, however I recently had a squat clean breakthrough so maybe I’m starting to get past that.

What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

Besides the fact I was a stocky 204lbs when I started crossfit in July of last year and now I’m a semi lean still slightly stocky 186lbs  but I would have to say I’m just generally proud of my overall fitness because it has improved drastically since joining.  Competing at Mayhem in the Meadowlands with some of you guys is definitely up there too, since it was my first type of competition so far and I was with an awesome group it made it all that better. I also recently PR’d the crap out of Fran which is a big achievement for me, for some strange reason I actually like Fran even though it’s pretty brutal and my initial time wasn’t much to be proud of.  I have been able to PR it in chucks since my first time and just recently I finished it in under 5mins.  

What CF goal are you working towards?

Besides getting muscle ups (which I feel everyone is getting lately except me) I really want to break into the 900 club for the crossfit total.  I’m not too far off but those extra lbs will not be easy to get. Dropping under and catching heavy weights consistently is definitely in my future.   

2 or 3 random facts about you:

1-I was my High School Prom King

2-I technically have two birthdays because the clocks in the delivery room both had different times, one was before midnight and one was after. Oh and I didn’t have a name for about 3 days till after I born.  I was just named Boy (I’m guessing I wasn’t planned).

3- I played a lot of sports growing up but Lacrosse and Crew were my two high school sports.  We finished 5th in the nation one year in crew and my lacrosse team was thrown out of the league due to excessive fighting.