Spotlight Athlete-Jackie!!

This week's Spotlight Athlete is Jackie! Jackie attends class at all different times.  Read on to learn more about Jackie's story!


Jackie's Side note:
"Back in March I matched with Jewel-Osco for a community pharmacy 
residency program and I will be moving to Naperville, Illinois on June 1st. I
want to thank everyone I have met at CrossFit Beyond for everything over the
past year and a half. I am going to miss everyone very much. I look forward to
doing drop-ins in the future when I visit Albany. Hope everyone keeps kicking
butt!" =)

From all of us at CrossFit Beyond-We wish you all the best with your future endeavors! You will be greatly missed!

When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?
I first started doing CrossFit when Karli had a Girlnetics event at CrossFit
Beyond for women in Fall 2012. Her passion for CrossFit inspired me to give it a
try. I was instantly hooked... the community, the variation, the competitive
aspect, and everyones love for fitness. It was towards the end of the semester
so I wasn't quite ready for the commitment, but I officially joined in January
2013 and there was no turning back after that.

What fitness activities were you doing before?

My main gym routine consisted of 30-60 minutes of cardio (elliptical, stationary
bike, or treadmill) followed by about 30 minutes of various weight lifting about
5 days a week. My fitness activities also include dancing (hence my nicknames
prancy feet and twinkle toes) and skiing.

What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?
My arms... my arms are deceivingly jacked. ;) But in all seriousness I have
struggled with lower back pain for years due to multiple strains of my
hamstrings and a small s-curve in my lower back but after a couple months of
CrossFit this pain disappeared. I feel much stronger and maybe even started to
enjoy running a little tiny baby bit.

What do you like most about CF?

I couldn't possibly pick one thing I like most. I love the community, everyone
coming together to work out but also support local charities, raise money for
cancer, and support each other through all of life's ups and downs. I love the
variation; I get bored easily but there is no way I could ever get bored here.
I'm also always learning something new. The killer workouts are a plus too I
guess. ;)

What is your favorite CF exercise?

...burpees... I know, I know, so weird. I used to hate them and dread them but
now that my arms are stronger and I've learned to do them more efficeintly I
think they can be pretty fun! I also LOVE anything with kettlebells. Oh and
handstand pushups, I just love doing handstands or anything gymnastic-like. Oh
and GHD sit-ups and power cleans and.... okay - I have a lot of favorites.

Your least favorite?
Thrusters... I hate thrusters. I will avoid them at all costs. I don't mind
front squats and I enjoy overhead presses but the combo together... forget it.

What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

I think my most proud moment was July 2013 when I randomly got my first strict
pull-up. I had been using the green band forever and we were doing jumping
pull-ups as a warm-up and I thought hmm... I wonder if I can do a pull-up... and
then it happened - I did it! In that same week I also got my first strict ring
dip and handstand push-up.

What CF goal are you working towards?
My goal right now is to be able to get to CrossFit more consistently so my goals
(such as doing a workout without a band for pull-ups) are more attainable.
Between traveling for residency interviews and having a new internships every 6
weeks, the last year was kind of hectic. I'm looking forward to settling down
and setting goals that I can consistently work towards.