Spotlight Athlete-Leanne!!


This week's Spotlight Athlete is Leanne! Leanne attends class at all different times-you might catch her in the morning or during the 6pm class. Read on to learn more about Leanne's inspiring story and how CrossFit has helped her to soar in other aspects of her life!

When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?

I first started doing CrossFit in October 2013.  I was in a fitness slump, unmotivated to swim or go to a yoga class or do anything in general.  My brother had started doing CrossFit in May and was visiting Albany when he dropped into a class at CF Beyond.  He told me how great of a box it is and the coach (Joy) is really knowledgeable. So, a week later I took my first intro class and have been doing it ever since.


What fitness activities were you doing before?

I am a distance swimmer and practice Jivamukti yoga.  Sometimes I would supplement that with running or workout in the fitness room (reluctantly) at the YMCA.


What results have you seen since you joined Crossfit Beyond?

Although I haven't quite achieved 6-pack abs, my strength since joining CrossFit has soared.  Being a distance swimmer I felt like my endurance has always been there but CrossFit has just taken it to the next level.


What do you like most about Crossfit Beyond?

Working out with my cousin, brother, and all the great people at CF Beyond.  The encouragement from coaches and athletes is inspiring.  Joy is an awesome coach who truly cares about all her athletes - and it shows!  Even on my off (mental) days Joy is there motivating me to give it what I've got.  I love being coached and competing/pushing myself in WODs.  I love learning all the lifts and seeing/feeling myself get better and stronger.  The best feeling is when you finally nail a technique and are lifting heavier without added effort.


What is your favorite CF exercise?

Deadlifting, clean & Jerk, cleans, back squats etc. - most of the lifting exercises because I came into Crossfit not knowing any of them and at this point I feel my form improving regularly which has been leading to more and more PRs.


Your least favorite?

Wallballs! and Rowing in a WOD


What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

I have 2:

I recently jumped my squat clean weight because of form - all of a sudden I nailed a heavy (for me) squat clean and it felt effortless all because my form was on!  I've been noticing that a lot recently with a lot of movements and it's really motivating!

In August I swam my 5th and best Cross Bay swim - since adding CrossFit to my routine my strength and 'boost' in the water has soared.  I got my best time and highest rank at the swim - I never felt better swimming 5.5miles across the bay, there seemed to be so much in my reserve that I'm not sure I always had - or knew how to access.


What CF goal are you working towards?