Spotlight Athlete-Owen!!

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This week's Spotlight Athlete is Owen! Owen is a morning class attendee, who joined CrossFit Beyond this past Fall. Read on to learn more about Owen's story of success with CrossFit!
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I started doing CrossFit-type workouts in 2011.  I had been an off and on runner for a few years but had trouble getting it to stick.  I then started lifting weights at home but got bored with it.  My wife mentioned CrossFit to me and I looked it up and it seemed like a perfect fit to keep my interest with its wide variety of exercises and workouts.  I am pretty cheap, so I was looking for a way to do homemade CrossFit.  I found workouts on the web and had some rudimentary equipment and started working out at Empire Plaza during my lunch hour.  I used a lot of the architectural elements of the plaza in my workouts and saw great fitness improvements.  I wasn’t doing much lifting, but was doing WODs. 
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My job changed  and I outgrew my equipment but wanted to stay with CrossFit.  I came to CrossFit Beyond in October 2014 and loved it.  It made me realize what I was missing with my homemade CrossFit and really expanded my experience and fitness. What fitness activities were you doing before? 

As mentioned, I was an occasional runner and weight lifter.  I got bored with these activities and find the variety of CrossFit workouts to be a perfect match for me. 

assignment from What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?

I have seen great improvements in strength and really all athletic ability.  I had never done heavy lifting before and have been impressed with how CrossFit Beyond has helped me gain strength.  I’ve also gained mental strength to help complete tiring jobs. For example, I was clearing brush in the yard the other day, which was tiresome and mundane, and found myself thinking like a CrossFitter to get through carrying another load of branches to the dump pile.  My CrossFit experience helped me persevere through the physical and mental fatigue.


source site What do you like most about CrossFit Beyond?

Joy.  I attend the 7 am class and have been lucky to have Joy as my coach for almost all of my workouts.  She has been great at working with me to improve my technique with so many of the exercises, and because the class is often small she gives so much individual instruction that at times it feels like I have a private coach. 

I also like the feeling I get that CrossFit Beyond is our box.  While Joy is certainly in charge, I think we all feel personally invested in the place. 


click What is your favorite CF exercise?

Toes to bar, I’m still amazed I can do them.  Deadlift, it’s a great feeling lifting 300 pounds before work.  Rope climbs, I hadn’t done this since 5th grade and love that I get to do it again as a grown-up.  Box jumps, they make me feel like an athlete.  Dips, I always feel strong after doing dips in a WOD. 

Overhead squats.  I’m terrible at them. 

get  What CrossFit accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

 My max box jump.  I was able to land a 50 inch box jump (with a running start).  I was (and still am) a basketball player and could never jump.  Now I can, too late to make varsity but not too late to hold my own against the twenty-somethings I play pickup with.

research papers you can buy  What CF goal are you working towards?

I’d like to get a muscle up in 2015, bar or ring.  I was able to reach my goal of a handstand pushup last year and am hoping to get the muscle up this year (or next).