Spotlight Athlete- Pat!

This week's Spotlight Athlete is Pat Hogan, one of our CrossFit Beyond Coaches.481840_4024409216115_161094764_n

When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit? I started Crossfit in October of 2011, my brother was doing it for about a month and kept telling me I needed to try it so finally I went in and gave it a shot.  The WOD was Karen which looked really dumb to me.  After a week of not being able to walk I was hooked.

What fitness activities were you doing before? Before Crossfit my workouts consisted of going to the YMCA and using free weights.  Outside of the gym I played hockey and did anything thing I could outdoors to stay in shape

What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond? My biggest result with Crossfit has been more endurance and gaining strength without putting on bad weight which is not an easy thing to do when just going to any standard gym.

What do you like most about CF? The best thing about Crossfit is the community.  Going in and talking with people, seeing how everyone is doing.  Not putting in your headphones and doing your own thing along with everyone else.

What is your favorite CF exercise? I'd have to say my favorite Crossfit movement is muscle ups.  I don't do them that often in workouts, which may be why I like them so much.

Your least favorite? By far my least favorite is hand stand pushups, I've had a bad shoulder since high school so it is a huge weakness of mine and something that needs to be worked on.

71411_4370370264925_102616288_nWhat CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of? A little stange but I am always more proud of perfoming and catching a lift with good positiong then the actual weight of the lift.  I'm big on good positiong and its something I work on a lot.  However, as a coach its just as rewarding to see someone PR or do something new that they have been working towards.

What CF goal are you working towards? I have a lot of goals in Crossfit.  I always keep them short term and realistic.  5-10 pounds on some lifts or 10-15 seconds on some workouts.  I like to reach the goal I set, and then set a new one.