Spotlight Athlete-Rochelle!!


This week's spotlight athlete is Rochelle! You will often see Rochelle at the evening classes and at the competitors class as well. Rochelle competed in a competition at CrossFit Mohawk Valley this past weekend.

When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?

I started about a year ago, totally by accident. I, like many people prior to coming to CrossFit, was in a bit of a fitness rut. I was board with the routine and had stopped seeing any results. I worked down the street from Collar City CrossFit at the time.  I had never heard of CrossFit and had no idea what it was about, but motivated by my desire to find something new and different, I decided to give it a try.  I was hooked after the intro class.  A month or two later left my job in Troy, and came to CFB.

What fitness activities were you doing before?

Running. Lots and lots of running. I am running my sixth marathon in about two weeks. I also play soccer and softball (although I am not really sure you can consider slow pitch softball a "fitness activity").  I did other stuff around the gym, if you asked me at the time I would have said I was lifting weights, but even calling what I was doing "weight lifting" seems stupid now.


What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?

My biggest gains have come in upper body strength. I see a difference even in the way I do normal day to day things. The other day I was getting on a flight and some nice man asked me if I wanted help lifting my (like 40 pound) carry on bag up over my head into the baggage compartment. It was a nice thing of him to offer, but I honestly wanted to laugh. I love that. I love being strong enough to do things like that easily.  I also noticed I stand up straighter than I used to.


What do you like most about CF?

Before coming to CrossFit, I used to have a difficult time manging the stress of my job. I would carry my work home with me (mentally and emotionally speaking) and a bad or stressful day at work could grind away at me into the night. Now, after a challenging day at work, I come to the gym and from the second I walk through the doors my entire focus shifts. I no longer find myself preoccupied with the issues of the workday, but rather I am entirely absorbed into getting the movement right, or getting that lift up, or getting through a challenging WOD. Basically, when my arms feel like they are on fire and I have twenty more pull-ups standing between me and the end of a workout, there is no room in my head to be concerned with anything else but that next pull-up.


What is your favorite CF exercise?

Pull-ups, but not so much because I actually love doing the movement or I am particularly good at them (I'm not).  They have become my favorite because when I first started CrossFit I was doing pulls ups on the biggest, thickest band I could find, and even then I would crawl through them.  Now that I don't use a band and can actually rip off a few in a row, the pull-up has kind of become this reminder of how far I have come and how much stronger I am now than I used to be.


Your least favorite?

Ugh. Rowing. Yuck. Before coming to CrossFit the sum total of what I knew about rowing was which machine it was in the gym.  I also hate squat snatches and overhead squats. They are...humbling.


What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

Rope climbs! It's not particularly pretty or graceful, but I can get up that thing.


What CF goal are you working towards?

I have alot that I have in my sights. Right now, muscle ups and a 250+ deadlift are up there. I would also like to do doubleunders without looking like a whipping victim afterward.