Spotlight Athlete-Ron!!

This week's spotlight athlete is Ron! You can find Ron at all different class times, but mainly during the evening classes and at the competitor's class as well! Ron's handle bar mustache is a staple here at CrossFit Beyond!


When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?

I started Crossfit about a year and a half ago.

What fitness activities were you doing before?

Being active was just part of my life through my mid twenties, but something happened in my late twenties early thirties and the wheels fell off.  I was smoking cigarettes among a myriad of other unhealthy activities and let my self get into really terrible condition.  About four years ago I got sick of myself, quit smoking and ran a marathon.  I loved the way that I felt in general and about myself for the first time in a long time.  I followed that with more marathons, some adventure racing, pretty much whatever challenge that I could find that would help increase my fitness level and let me test the old metal.  A friend of mine in South Carolina, Cameron Kennedy, actually turned me onto Crossfit.  The very first wod smoked my biscuits and I have been at it ever since.  An addict.

What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?

Since doing Crossfit my overall strength, particularly in my shoulders, has increased several fold.  But I believe that the biggest result that I have seen is my increase in recovery.  Now I can go all out and get smoked, chill for a minute and go get smoked some more.

What do you like most about CF?

The thing I like most about Crossfit is the people that do it.  There is something, a mix of masochism, hope, and fun that you find in most Crossfitters that just make them great people to be around.  Secondly, I like getting smoked.

What is you favorite CF exercise?

My favorite execise is a tie between deadlifts, kettlebells, and wall balls.

Your least favorite?

My least favorite is anything over head - overhead squats, HSPU's you name it.

What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

As simple as it sounds, the thing I am most proud of is having learned to do the movements correctly at a full range of motion.  I am naturally not limber and not know for my profound sense of coordination so this has been a feat for me.

What CF goal are you working towards?

As far as goals are concerned, I will join the 400 club in deadlift before summer.  Period.  I want to become automatic at double unders and I want to learn to butterfly my pull ups.  Those are just a few of the things on my mind.