Spotlight Light Athlete- Adrienne!

This week's spotlight is on Adrienne! She usually attends the evening classes and is known for her running.

480609_616339280770_2004191751_nAdrienne in the center after a 5k race.

When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?
I started in July of last year. I had a re-occurring stress fracture in my foot from running. My foot doctor told me that I needed to start strengthening my whole body, and to do something other than just running. The only thing I loved and knew how to do was running, so I was freaking out when he told me this! I didn’t know anything about strength training, and I was really nervous about doing something different. I also didn’t want to keep getting injured, so I knew I had to make a change. My best friend Jen, and her fiancé, John had just opened a CrossFit box in my hometown of Utica. I had tried it out a few times, and she convinced me to join a box in Albany.

What fitness activities were you doing before?
I lived and breathed running! I would run 40+ miles a week. I’ve done a marathon and several half-marathons.

What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?
Overall, my body is stronger. I see this by what I have documented in my journal, and by how I perform in the WOD’s. I also have a faster 5K and 5 mile pace when I run.

What do you like most about CF?
The support and the people! I’ve met so many great athletes and friends at CrossFit Beyond. Everyone is so supportive of each other’s accomplishments, and the atmosphere is amazing! I also love the fact that it truly is constantly varied! I never get bored with it, and I’m always curious to see what the WOD will be each day.