5 years ago my husband of 28 years passed away unexpectedly. He was a great father... and husband. He was also a CrossFitter at Albany CrossFit with my daughter and I. Well I should say my daughter.... they worked out together at night (I was the morning person).  He would come home all excited to talk about the WODs. He was really proud when he was named "Athlete of the Month".  Our family was close at ACF, I was a trainer and blogger for ACF and our family loved the community....

Jason Ackerman, owner of Albany CrossFit decided to create a WOD in his honor of my husband that same year and we have continued that tradition ever since.

Please join us as we bring the community of CrossFit together and honor not just my husband, or me or my family.... but for the bond we all created when we joined the "CrossFit" Family.

Stephen Tribute from Albany CrossFit on Vimeo.

YEARS PAST - as you can see.... from day 1 a bond was created and it keeps growing and growing..... Thanks ACF for the love and support over the years!!





Stephen from Albany CrossFit on Vimeo.