Still learning…

As a trainer, I learned 3 things over the past couple of days!

1. ALWAYS put up a scaled version of the WOD. (no explanation needed)
2. NEVER tell athletes what the programming is for the week (again, no explanation needed)
3. LESS is more. Less words out of my mouth is better... :) ------ (you do know my nickname is Gabby, right?)

CrossFit Beyond athletes all worked so hard today!!
I KNOW I did not give you ALL enough credit.
I saw the push!
I saw the force!
I saw the sweat!

and I truly know you gave it your all!!
Mathew took it for the team with the heavy kettle bell and even though I kid alot - I know that was hard! Your swings were strong and form was right there, Mathew! You deserve credit on that. NICE.
Heather kicked butt finishing first AND YES Mathew is going strong at passing those times!
Kathy had unbelievable speed in her 400m runs. Making it look easy! Kathy is our next up and comer. Strong, athletic, fast... you name it. I look forward seeing her progress with all the new movements coming her way.
Janet is doing so well in all of her movements. Everyday coming in so open and eager to learn more and more! It's a pleasure to coach athletes like that. can't say much. Bruce is a well seasoned CrossFitter!!! The depth, the form and endurance is all there! Love seeing you do so well!

MVP of the day as to go to Keith! He was so determined to "do this!" He was willing and able to go at today's WOD and do it to the best of his abilities. He went up in weight on the kettle bells, "asking" if he could. He declined the offer to scale the run, saying "I'm going finish this WOD" and I was so so proud.
He certainly finished the WOD AND in a great time!!! BEAUTIFUL JOB KEITH!