Success Stories


We have been hearing and watching some of the competitors crush times and weights. But it's not that often we hear about the seemingly unnoticed success stories.
We have had several milestones happen over the past couple of weeks that many of you don't know about.

Meghan got her first pull up.
Tony not only did Handstand push ups this past week but did his first WOD without using a band for pullups.
Lou got 160 in the OPEN 13.3 using MELINDA. CRAZY DUDE!
Deb (if she was registered) would have been 77th out of 237 nationally in the 13.3 WOD
James did (not quite his first) but his first in awhile today after 5-6 tries. He got it!!! Really nice James.

We have so many stories just like these.... all the new people, EVERYDAY is a success. New movements, new challenges, making continuous progress EVERYDAY.

Below is Tom's CrossFit Success! CONGRATULATIONS TOM!

Joy and the athletes of CrossFit Beyond,

Today I took the final physical fitness assessment of my Air Force career. I scored an 85% on it. Just two short years ago I was on the verge of being drummed out for multiple failures. I was passed over for promotion and I would have lost my pension, two years before I could collect on it. I know it may seem like some sort of individual effort to pass my test, and to keep passing it for two years, but the truth is this was a team effort. Obviously Joy had a lot to do with it. She made me feel comfortable on day one. She took in a guy with a gym phobia and made him feel comfortable. Stacey and Eugene drove me like a rented mule in the early days, making me jump, run and lift when all I wanted to do was quit. Today, so many talented and gifted athletes keep me moving. I get inspired by the men and women around me who RX WODs like they're nothing, new athletes who struggle at light weights or low reps but just keep going no matter what, and coaches who took the time, money and sacrifice getting their certs and constantly educating themselves to make me better than I was yesterday.

So to everyone at CrossFit Beyond...thank you for making me feel welcome. Welcome all new members the way I've been welcomed and our little box will continue to grow.

Tom O'Grady
Technical Sergeant
United States Air Force