Success Stories this Week.

This past week began with trying out some of the Regional WODs.
1st up "Diane" and all though there is only a few who can do Hand Stand Push Ups. Lucille, first week CrossFitting came in and kicked butt doing the HSPU.
Regionals Individual WOD #6. Trenton finished the WOD completing ALL 24 muscle ups. Trenton's #1 muscle was only 2 weeks ago.
Liz, one of our newest did her first WOD Saturday! Nice to have you here Liz.
And then although everyone does their best to get in... I was very impressed by Tom, Jon, Patrick and Alexis who came in back to back this week....Friday Night and then right back at it Saturday morning!! LOVE IT!
Our Teen Night has been so successful!! They are having so much fun, learning alot and becoming real CrossFitter! so much so they created their own WOD this week!!
Our last success stories is one for CrossFit Beyond. We have sold 60 1 month memberships for new athletes to try out CrossFit within the next 2 months. Things will be busy so we ask our current members to be patient, help out and welcome our new athletes!! We are all very excited to have them on board.


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