The Open is Upon Us!! Whoo hoo!!


The CrossFit Opens have officially begun with the announcement of 16.1 tonight! We will be doing the workouts each Friday for the next five weeks. The workouts are released online each Thursday. There will be a lot of fun and excitement happening in the next 5 weeks so don't miss out! Whether you signed up to participate online, or for our in-house competition, or both, or you simply just want to try it out for fun! Join us on Fridays!

If you registered online through to participate in the opens you must  be judged by one of our members who has taken the judges course and you must submit your scores online by 8pm on the Monday following the release of each workout.

We are also holding an Intramural Team In House Competition as well and while it is recommended that you have signed up for the open online, it is not required to participate in our in-house competition. The details for this in house competition is below. It's a lot of fun!

The Intramural Opens is a "in-house competition" during the opens.
Basically you and your team (total of 3) will do the open workouts each week and earn points. Now the competition part is determined by how you do in the workout and when you workout. There are 4 categories to which you can earn points:

1-Doing the Workout
2- Doing the Workout Along with your team (at least 2 of the 3 must be present, this doesn't mean you have to be working out, another member could simply be cheering the others on)
3-Having a member who is in the top three for scaled in the gym (Men and Women)
-4Having a member who is in the top 3 for RX in the gym (Men and Women). So the Max number of points a team can earn each week is 9 points (everyone did the WOD, everyone did it together, and all three were in either top scaled and/or top RX).
Each team can pick a team name and can earn 2 additional points by wearing a team uniform (shirts, costumes, color schemes etc) while working out together (these 2 points can only be earned once not weekly).
Each week we will post the standings. The winning team wins a bunch of prizes!

**If you signed up to participate in the intramural competition, the teams have been posted -- check it out, team names need to be submitted ASAP :) **