The Open

Its almost CrossFit Games season and tomorrow (January 30th) registration begins for 2013 Open!

Why should you compete in the Open?

See how you stack up against other CrossFit athletes all over the world...challenge  yourself....set a benchmark for yourself and see how you compare next year!

There's no reason not to sign up!

"Registration for the Open begins January 30th. Individual athletes will compete both on a worldwide scale and also to qualify regionally for the semi-final round - The Regionals. Athletes may complete each workout at their local CrossFit affiliate or upload a video to be judged online.
Open Prizes
The top performance worldwide for men and women in each workout will win $2,013. To be eligible for the prize money, you must provide video of your workout. Affiliate validation is sufficient for qualifying for Regionals, but only workouts that have video verification will be eligible for the prize money."