Thursday WOD Reminder!!

This box is located under the white board, and will be there all week, in preparation of our Charity WOD this Thursday February 27th! No donation is too small! Also, CFB will be donating all sales of water and coconut water from the cooler in the kitchen to this cause as well! Thank you to all of our members for always being so generous and devoted to helping the community!


Rare Disease Day is Friday, February 28th, and to show our support, CrossFit Beyond will be hosting a charity WOD! We will be holding the WOD a day early, on Thursday February 27th (the CrossFit Open begins on the 28th).

Finley Sanchez was diagnosed with a rare form of congenital muscular dystrophy called CMD LAMA2, or merosin-deficient CMD. There is currently no cure or treatment for this disease. Most of the children with this condition will never walk and are faced with tremendous health challenges, as even a simple cough or runny nose can turn into a serious lung infection requiring hospitalization. The lifespan of children with this disease is greatly shortened due to respiratory distress and most children do not live past young adulthood.

Finley may never run, jump, or dance like we all did as children. These kids struggle to lift their heads, bear weight on their arms and legs and most must navigate their lives from the confines of a wheelchair. All of that said, there is significant hope in the medical community that treatments are within reach.

So on Thursday, February 27th, CrossFit Beyond, along with other boxes around the country, will be hosting the 12 round "Finley" WOD. 100% of the contributions raised for Cure CMD will be used to fund research.  On February 27th, we will be Finley's legs and he will fill our hearts.

We will have a donation box near the White Board all next week! Please donate for Finley and this amazing cause. Cash or check donations accepted. Make checks payable to Cure CMD P.O. Box 710 Olathe, KS 66051. Memo: Footsteps For Finley For Cure CMD.

There is no minimum or maximum donation, as every dollar counts! Please share with your friends and family, and check out for more information!