Two Brave Souls

Well we had the "Angel" and the "?"
Does that say Feeling "ucky".... kinda like what most people felt after doing the National WOD yesterday.
OR is it "B"ucky like in Buck Furpees?
OR even worse..... Kate not really sure what you're saying to people.

OK so the two contestants are in what is you're choice?


  1. Kate says:

    If my sweet backpack wasn’t in the way, you would see it said “feeling lucky”. I needed all the luck I could get to get through the WOD.

  2. Heather says:

    Both look great, but I have to applaud our morning girl Karli.

  3. joy22 says:

    Karli is an angel but I have to say I like Kate’s (not on purpose) hidden letters. I would have never guessed it said “l”ucky. Plus I love the glasses and high pants!!

  4. Nick says:

    Sorry morning crew, but I have to go with Kate. Suspenders are killin it!

  5. Jessica says:

    Props to Karli for working out in her costume! Props to Kate for acting out the part. She snorted alot and it was funny. Love them both! I hate choosing but I guess my vote goes to Kate for the Steve Urkel look.