Upcoming Local CrossFit Events


You don't have to travel far in the next few weeks to find some amazing CrossFit competitions and charity events! There is so much happening locally in our area! Check it out!

*****Event #1- Albany CrossFit's Fall Face Off*******

Saturday 10/24 from 9-5pm

Fall Face Off is one of the largest CrossFit competitions in the North East! This year is shaping up to be the most exciting event yet in their six year history. Do not miss out! Find a team and be ready to face off!

Event Details:
- Teams: X/Y (1 Man, 1 Woman / Team)
- Divisions: RX & Scaled
- Check-Ins: 8:00am - 9:00am (Day of Event)
- First Event Briefing is at 9:00am
- Prizes Awarded to the Top 3 Teams in Each Division
Cost per Team
- Early Registration: $80 / Team
- Please Make All Checks Payable to "The Court Club"
- T-Shirts Included with Registration

Send the Following Information to James.AMCD@Yahoo.com to Register Your Team.
1. Team Captain (w/ Phone Number)
2. Team Name
3. Team Roster
4. Division
5. T-Shirt Sizes
Any help would be appreciated to help us run the event smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering please email James.AMCD@Yahoo.com with the following information.

1. Desired Position (Judge, Equipment)
2. Time Available
3. T-Shirt Size


******Event #2******

Fight Like a Girl-Breast Cancer Awareness WOD @ CrossFit Spur

Sat. 10/31 @ 10am

CrossFit Spur is partnering with To Life! to raise money and support for those battling breast cancer in the Bethlehem and Capital Region area!

For this event they decided to work with a local organization. This way they can use the money raised to help those in our area and donate 100% of the proceeds without the administrative costs.

We will also be holding a raffle which showcases what businesses in our community have to offer.

If you know of any local business that would be interested in an opportunity to sponsor this great event, please have them contact john@crossfitspur.com

The event will be a partner WOD (Workout Of the Day) and there will be RX, Scaled and Beginner (new to CrossFit) divisions. This means anyone of ANY ability level is welcome to participate! Details of the workout will be posted as they  get closer to the event date.

You can register for the event at:

If you need a partner for this workout send an email to john@crossfitspur.com and we will get you set up!


******Event #3-Barbells for Boobs @ CrossFit Shatter******

Sat. NOVEMBER 7th @ 10am

The day is FINALLY approaching and we are looking to have a very strong charity event for the community here at CrossFit Shatter.

The Workout Of the Day (WOD) will be announced in the next couple weeks - DON'T WORRY - (all skill levels can handle this workout)

...This is a TWO-PERSON TEAM workout

REGISTRATION - 9:30AM registration will begin. We encourage all athletes to be there BEFORE 10:00, as you will need to find parking, register and warm-up. First Heat will shortly begin right after opening announcements - which will begin at 10:30 and a quick WOD briefing one last time.

PRICE - $50. This is $50 for the PAIR (And the pairs DO NOT have to be Male/Female - but if there are people who do not have a partner then we will have this FB community page set up for you to ask if anyone else is willing to partner up). The $50 will be a donation to Barbell for Boobs.

So, how to do this:

1) Create a personal page on Barbell for Boobs (https://www.barbellsforboobs.org/) and Join Crossfit Shatter's team page (you will need to search for the team when you are asked if you want to join a team)

2) One person can create the pair and donate the $50. OR both people can create their own page and seperately donate $25 and then continue to fundraise through your own page. If you reach certain goals ($80 and you get a fundraising member shirt; $400 and you will receive a sweatshirt and $1200 you will receive custom shoes).

3) After you find your partner, create your page and enter your donation - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email shane@crossfitshatter.com and inform him:
- Who the pairs are,
- what box you are from,
- and what division/weights you are thinking of doing/are capable of doing.

If you have any questions about anything please also email Shane at the above address.


Come join the movement!