We Need Judges!!


We are in need of people to take the CF Judges Course in order for us to judge athletes that are in the OPEN's this year. The OPEN's are open to all levels and all abilities.... It is a national competition that begins the process to the Games. The OPEN's begin this Friday. Whether you are in registered or not Friday's WODs are the OPEN WOD... They are announced every Thursday Night for 5 weeks.


If you are willing and able to help.... we would appreciate it.

It is $10 and approx. 3-5hrs to take the test.

The test can be saved and continued at different times.

My suggestion when you get to the Final Exam is to write down your answers.

This part is the hardest and if you do not get all the questions correct you have to start at the beginning of the Final Exam again. This is a GREAT opportunity to become a better athlete, as it goes over all the movements and the standards to them. It is truly beneficial.