Week in Review

What an awesome week!

Monday - Deadlift Max Starting our week off with several PRs throughout the day
Tuesday - Well...... maybe we won't bring up Tuesday.
Wednesday - Rowing Seminar with Rob. What a great night for learning good technique.
Good technique = more efficient, more power.
BIG THANK YOU to Rob for teaching us.
Thursday - "Jerry"
Sgt Major Jerry Dwayne Patton, 40, died on 15 October 2008 during High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) training while assigned to Army USSOCOM preparing for deployment to Afghanistan. Jerry is survived by his wife Molly and his sons Chad, Cody, Chase and Connor.

Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile
Friday - THE BEST DAY OF ALL! Fun Friday (maybe it wasn't so fun for some)
When people see "Filthy Fifties" you either get the reaction of "on no!" or "YEAH!!"
Regardless, I was thrilled with what people have done in only 3 months.
We had some serious!!! I mean serious PR's. I have never seen people jump in performance like this.
Check out these PR's 5-9 min PR's!!!!

Nick - 5 min PR
Matt H. - 7 min PR

Andrew KICKS BUTT with cutting 9:12 minutes off his time in just 3 months!!!

Deb - another great time! taking 5:39 minutes off her time
Congratulations to everyone just for finishing this difficult WOD.

5 - 9 mins.... NOT SECONDS.... MINUTE