Yoga and Handstands.

What do Yoga and Handstands have in common?

They are both two FREE seminars offered to CrossFit Beyond members. This is a treat! Normally these kinds of seminars would be an extra fee to participate in.

We are giving this to our athletes!!! Take advantage of it.

Each class will max out at 12 athletes.
Handstand Seminar has ONLY 3 SPOTS left.
Handstand/Handstand Push Up Seminar
Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Handstand/Handstand Push up Seminar will be introduced by

Yoga Classes will be during our regular class time.
Wednesday October 26 @ 6pm
Wednesday November 2 @ 6pm

DO NOT be fooled by the power of yoga. This is a great opportunity to learn breathing techniques and stretches. ALL of which is going to make you a better athlete....

Sign up today!!!