Join us for the Meehan Mile!!


Join CrossFit Beyond as several of our members participate in this 60 Mile Relay Run! Come and cheer on our members! Running slots have been filled for our team but all are welcome to participate in the last mile of the run!
What exactly the race includes.... The Meehan Mile is a  60 mile relay run. The run kicks off at 4AM March 4th in Lake George at Fort William Henry and ends at 4PM at APD South Station. Each leg is approximately 5 miles long (except the last leg is about 2 miles). Someone from each leg with have the honor of carrying Kevin's police vest. Team Crossfit Beyond will be running the 7AM leg of the race from Smooth Water Sports in Gainsvort to Stanley Paving in Saratoga. Everyone is invited and encouraged to run the last leg of the run from APD HQ (Henry Johnson Blvd) to APD South Station. Everyone is invited to attend the after party ( a REAL afterparty!!) at Mcgeary's.

As his Go fund me page explains, Kevin has proudly served in our community as a member of the Albany Police Department for 12 years and he is one of the original Crossfit Beyond members from APD.  Kevin was recently diagnosed with an aggressive and life threatening form of cancer and He has now gone into the beginning of stage 4 cancer. Kevin will soon begin a course of advanced treatment at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center which will require extended lodging and travel to New York City. Please help us support Kevin in his battle against cancer by donating on behalf of Crossfit Beyond. 

Runners from our gym: Benjamin Bober, Ryan Cassidy, Katie Chen, Elisa Donato, Alexis Harrington, Randy Shamblin, Jackie Chromczak, Motier Haskins ( Addyson Hawkins & Matthew Vernon are also representing CFB) - Please come out and show your support if you can!

On Ramp this Sat. 2/11: 11-4pm! Share with Family and Friends!

on ramp

On Ramp this Saturday February 11th from 11-4:00pm! Share with any family and friends who have been interested in giving CrossFit a try! This is an incredible deal!

CrossFit Beyond will be holding an on- ramp class this Saturday, February 11th from 11:00am-4:00pm

Please share with your family and friends! This is a great opportunity to get in shape and become a part of the CrossFit Beyond community!


- 5 Hour On-Ramp class is for anyone interested in joining CrossFit Beyond

 - ON-RAMPs will be included in the first month membership. In other words you have to sign up for a month. $125 includes the first month membership plus the on-ramp class. We feel that in order to really know if you like CrossFit and CrossFit Beyond you need to try it for a month.

- Learn the 9 fundamental movements to CrossFit required to start your membership at CrossFit Beyond. Learn the Squat, Press and Deadlift family. Prepare yourself to go into one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning programs out there.

In House Competition-Open Intramural!


CrossFit Beyond Open Workouts Information

The CrossFit Opens officially begin on February 23rd, and we will be doing the workouts each Friday. The workouts are released online each Thursday. There will be a lot of fun and excitement happening in those 5 weeks so don't miss out! Whether you signed up to participate online, or for our in-house competition, or both, or you simply just want to try it out for fun! Join us on Fridays!

If you registered online through to participate in the opens you must  be judged by one of our members who has taken the judges course and you must submit your scores online by 8pm on the Monday following the release of each workout.

CrossFit Beyond Intramural- In House Competition

We are also holding an Intramural Team In House Competition, and while it is recommended that you have signed up for the open online, it is not required to participate in our in-house competition. The details for this in house competition are below. It's a lot of fun!

The Intramural Opens is a "in-house competition" during the opens.
Basically you and your team (total of 3) will do the open workouts each week and earn points. Now the competition part is determined by how you do in the workout and when you workout. There are 4 categories to which you can earn points:

1-Doing the Workout
2- Doing the Workout Along with your team (at least 2 of the 3 must be present, this doesn't mean you have to be working out, another member could simply be cheering the others on)
3-Having a member who is in the top three for scaled in the gym (Men and Women)
-4Having a member who is in the top 3 for RX in the gym (Men and Women). So the Max number of points a team can earn each week is 9 points (everyone did the WOD, everyone did it together, and all three were in either top scaled and/or top RX).
Each team can pick a team name and can earn 2 additional points by wearing a team uniform (shirts, costumes, color schemes etc) while working out together (these 2 points can only be earned once not weekly).
Each week we will post the standings. The winning team wins a bunch of prizes!

Sign up on the Whiteboard if you would like to participate!!