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CrossFit Beyond holds on ramps once a month. Contact us for more information


- 5 Hour On-Ramp  required class is for anyone interested in joining CrossFit Beyond

- ON-RAMPs will be included in the first month membership. In other words you have to sign up for a month. $125 includes the first month membership plus the on-ramp class. We feel that in order to really know if you like CrossFit and CrossFit Beyond you need to try it for a month.

- Learn the 9 fundamental movements to CrossFit required to start your membership at CrossFit Beyond. Learn the Squat, Press and Deadlift family. Prepare yourself to go into one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning programs out there.


7 thoughts on “On Ramp Info

  1. Hi ! I’m interested in joining, and can’t do the On Ramp this Saturday. Is there another option or do i need wait another month?

    Thanks, Jim

  2. Hi, I would love to join Crossfit Beyond, when is the next On Ramp class that I can join?

    Thanks in advance!!


  3. I’m interested in starting CrossFit
    I stopped by today (3/16) spoke to Caroline about observing a few classes to see if this something i would like to do and if it is for me or not also would like to take advantage of the 3 month special if crossFit is for me
    My cell number is 857-0984

  4. Hey Guys,

    I wanted to send you a quick message to let you know about The Movement Fix Workshop that is coming to Albany, NY on October 1st at Purebred Athletics!

    This workshop is designed for trainers and athletes and focuses on the squat, deadlift, and overhead lifts.

    What we cover specifically is a step by step, easy to use assessment of each of these lifts so that you’ll leave the workshop with a checklist you can immediately implement. The assessments will show you exactly where you or your athletes should be stretching/mobilizing and why, where to improve your motor control and strength and why, and where technique is the limiting factor.

    One of the most frustrating things is having an athlete ask ‘how do I improve my ability to lock out overhead’ or ‘what should I do to help improve my squat’ and not having a good answer for them.

    The step by step assessment and drills we cover will give you and your trainers a way to easily answer that question and quickly show them how. We will also cover the ‘why’ so that you can confidently give an answer to why you’re doing a certain modification or drill. Nothing is more powerful than knowing the ‘why’.

    We’ll also be covering how to program these drills directly into a one hour long class. It can be really hard to get athletes to do the stretching / mobilizing or strengthening they need to do outside of gym hours.

    We can address that by using techniques to integrate a lot of this stuff together that blends the warm up, mobility work, and motor control work with the strength/technique part of the training and the metabolic conditioning. All of this can fit nicely into a 1-hour class.

    We would absolutely love to have you at the workshop in October! If you have any questions about whether this workshop is worth the time/money for you and your staff, please give me a call at (425) 478-0077 and I’d be happy to chat about it. Group discounts are available.

    The early bird price for this event ends on September 17th (a $50 savings).

    Hope to have you there!

    More info can be found at themovementfix.com/workshops


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